Sunday, December 1, 2013

I have lost yet more faith in humanity.

Today I went shopping, as I do every sunday. Superstore. I'm in the produce section, where most people spend a lot of time picking out vegetables and not just picking up what they see first - good old fashioned shopping. 

A little girl was sitting in a buggy watching a video on an iPhone when she noticed a little boy waiting for his father to pick out vegetables. The put down the iPhone and got out of the buggy and went over to the little boy. They started talking - something I don't see too often from young kids, just sporadic conversation.

The young girl's mother suddenly noticed that her daughter was talking to another kid a few feet away and became quite angry - she picked up the girl, sat her in the buggy, looked at her sternly and said "Just watch the movie. I don't want you running off. Got it?" The little girl looked over and said, "bye bye!" to the little boy. The mum turned the little girls head back to face her. "UNDERSTAND?" 

I sincerely wanted to emotionally punch that lady in the heart. This is why kids are growing up to be antisocial morons.